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Infragard: An Unhealthy Government Alliance


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Some political genius with a higher paygrade than mine wanna try and tell me why anyone but politicians need this kind of shit?


The Republic is Dead.. Buy what you can while you might.







InfraGard: An unhealthy government alliance

Future of Freedom Foundation

by Gary D. Barnett


"There is an organization that is quietly and secretly becoming very

large and powerful. The FBI started this partnership or alliance

between the federal government and the private sector in 1996 in

Cleveland with a few select people. After September 11, 2001, when the

general population replaced their rationality with fear, this

organization, called InfraGard, continued growing, and with little

notice. By 2005 more than 11,000 members were involved, but as of

today, according to the InfraGard website, there are 23,682 members,

including FBI personnel." (02/22/08)



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