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Government's New Minimalist Mission


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As a Nation of people who *usetabe* cutting edge on damn near everything, uS has slipped so poorly...

Article points out what happens when folks quot taking care of themselves and thus *need* more Goobers and Goobermint.





Government's new minimalist mission

National Center for Policy Analysis

by staff


"With the unsustainable growth of government, there is an immediate

need to rebuild from the ground up -- on a much smaller scale and with

a new mission: Keep us safe and leave us alone, say Ernest S.

Christian and Gary A. Robbins, former Treasury Department officials. A

set of minimalist guidelines may be useful: America is for the most

part still an educated, highly civilized and affluent society with

little need for governance; if these qualities decline among the

population, more governance will be needed." (02/28/08)



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If our US society were TRULY educated. would we REALLY need that level of government???

Our presnt level of gov't does'nt want to just leave us alone, they want to watch us, and take care of us...


I don't need to be taken care of...by anyone, or anything!!!!


And I damn sure don't need a guvmint determing whether I'm right or wrong on that issue....

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