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That Was Wrong Skip!

Guest Acorn

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Guest Acorn

That was messed up. I have paid my dues in this place. I have been questioned upon questioned about my faith, authenticity of the Bible, Christ, and even my state of mind. In all cases, I have taken the points, comments, references, etc that this site gave me; in trying to CONVEY the message of falseness of Christianity.


I have done my research. I have spend alot of time researching different cultures, civilizations, religions, different groups etc. I believe in one of those many by choice and do argue it as my belief; as does everyone else on this site. No difference. Just bias.


I did the proper thing, which is to start a new thread; ESPECIALLY as to this rambler was tearing up my thread. So. Point in case, closing my thread was bias, and wrong. You shouldve told numb nuts to stay on topic.


The point was that Judiasm is a lasting culture dating far back, just as far back as some of the cultures that many here speak of, in giving debate to whether there story is the right one.


In that, I answered Neon Genesis's question. Yes. The God, the Bible is a real thing written by real people of a real culture.



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Pay close attention please.


Dynamics of Dave's House are really simple. Fairly the Freedom to do as you please within the bounds of a few suggestions, very few Rules, and in turn gently sheparded by folks who volunteer their precious time daily to make things happen here.


I'm not up to giving you "backroom details" of how the Board works, and how much things take to keep House going.

Proprietary, and if you need to know, ask the Boss himself.


That aside, you have an annoying habit of dropping shit all over the carpet here, posting and trying the patience of folks as your threads, and side arguments widen out.


Focus on the shit you've already started.



Thread closed 03.07.2008 1345PST

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