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Tips On Fighting Coersive Religion

R. S. Martin

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FACT.net, Fight Against Coersive Tactics Network Inc. is an excellent website complete with community, news stories, professional information, and tips for people in cults or coersive/abusive religion. Not only does it provide tips for "bad" religion, it also provides guidelines for "good" or healthy spirituality or religion. Their motto is: Since 1993, Discussion, Resources and Support for Survivor Recovery from the Abusive Practices of Religions and Cults.
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Thank you very much Ruby.


From there check these out....


The cult is authoritarian in its power structure.

The cult's leaders tend to be charismatic, determined, and domineering.

The cult's leaders are self-appointed, messianic persons who claim to have a special mission in life.

The cult's leaders center the veneration of members upon themselves.

The cult tends to be totalitarian in its control of the behavior of its members.

The cult tends to have a double set of ethics. (e.g. honesty with those inside, deception with those outside)

The cult has basically only two purposes, recruiting new members and fund-raising.

The cult appears to be innovative and exclusive.

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