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Goodbye Jesus

Survey: Leadership Means Little To Youngsters


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WTF could this mean_old_man add to this? Jesusfuckingmooseballs..





Survey: Leadership means little to youngsters

Arizona Republic


"A new nationwide survey of girls and boys found that a majority of

children and youths in the United States have little or no interest

with achieving leadership roles when they become adults, ranking

'being a leader' behind other goals such as 'fitting in,' 'making a

lot of money' and 'helping animals or the environment.' The study

commissioned by the Girl Scouts of the USA and released Wednesday

determined that three-quarters of African-American girls and boys and

Hispanic girls surveyed already identify themselves as leaders, a much

larger group than White youths, about half of whom think of themselves

this way." (03/27/08)



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UK: White working-class pupils are lowest achievers

Independent [uK]


"White working-class pupils are the lowest-achieving group in English

schools because they have low aspirations and do not do their

homework, an official study shows. Boys and girls from that social

group made the least progress at secondary school and achieved the

worst GCSE results of any group. But black and Bangladeshi boys from

well-off professional families were also not achieving their true

potential, the survey found. They failed to progress at secondary

school despite having parental support, high aspirations and being

diligent about their homework, said Dr Steve Strand from Warwick

University, who headed the study.He said further research was needed

to discover why this group failed but suggested low expectations by

teachers could be holding them back." (03/28/08)



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Confess I don't know what you're getting at Skip but so long as the kids are content doing what they're told there won't be an up-rising. Folks should be happy about that, I guess. With three-quarters, or even half, aspiring to be leaders, it looks like society is heading for a major war or something....really, like I said, I don't know what you're getting at or why they do these leadership tests in the first place. I think real maturity moves beyond independence to cooperation for the greater good with room for individual thought and growth....


Maybe my idealism is just getting the best of me and such a utopia doesn't/can't exist. Hmmm. Gotta think about that one some more.

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Is that a new trend though I wonder? The leaders rarely come from the masses. The leaders of my generation are likely being groomed for the oligarchy at some prep-school as we speak.

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