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Goodbye Jesus

Christian Moral Nazi's Zombie Hunger Force {tm}


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This thread is something I made up on something of a whim.


It's purpose is simple. A place to vent and make fun of the most monstrously, stupid, ignorant, buzzword tossing, hate spewing, morons Christianity has thrown at you.


This isn't for your average Christian complaints. These are the true winners of the 'who has more faith' contest in their own minds, and they're sure of it, and more than happy to explain how to get there to you. After all, it wasn't all that difficult for them.


To qualify for the 'CMNZHF', the candidate must be the worst of the worst. The kind of moron who seems to actually repel thought with disgust and intent. The kind of person who absolutely must be trying to be a bigoted, ignorant, ass hat, with nothing but a limited pair of brain cells to defend themselves.


The kind of person who can talk for hours with only meaningless phrases that sound nice to them and think they're having a real conversation. The kind of unbelievable moron, who would say things with so much logical disconnect, you imagine they might try and drink holy water to ease an upset stomach, or wash their eyes out with it because they saw someone else being gay or the kneecaps of a Nun.


The kind of person who's faith is so strong, they would say "I don't have to think anymore!" and say it with pride.


To qualify, someone must go above and beyond the bounds of mere dogma and faith. They must prove they are willing to go to a place beyond the reaches of their own faith's stupidity threshold.


Share with us your stories of such encounters in the wild, and let others call them asshats with you, or ridicule their blogs, and gasp in amazement at the breadth of their stupidity in amazingly moronic forum postings.


It feels good, and they will be immortalized for as long as this thread lasts as true members of the Christian Moral Nazi's Zombie Hunger Force! {tm}

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