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Ok this is a place for people to post some of their original poetry and/or other written works. So, If you have any original poems ect... feel free to post and comment.


I'll start it out



I see everything through rose colored glasses;

Things become more lovely as the time passes.

I live in this fog that will not abate,

People here are never in a hurry,

They have learned to wait.

Here music is played on every street corner.

I call this place home,

Here their are no foreigners.

I love the water that slips though the brick streets when it rains.

Here there are no worries,

No woes,

And no everyday pains.

I love it here so,

And you will too Mon Cheri.

This place where I am,

Is Paris you see.


(based on the movie Sabrina)

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Take me in your arms and tell everything will be alright,

Brush away my tears, my anger, my spite.

Tell that I’m beautiful, tell me that I’m wise,

Tell me anything, anything that will make my spirit rise.

I want to live in your arms, to never escape,

I want to feel safe from any harm,

Safe from the harsh world of physical pain, and verbal rape.

Hold me tight,

Tell me you’ll never let go.

Share with me your wisdom,

Everything you know.

Make me smarter,

Make me stronger,

Make it so I can’t live without you any longer.

Have I ever met you,

Are you really there?

I can no longer feel your presence,

All that’s left is despair.

I’ve never met you but somehow I know you care.



Singing me your own silent prayer.



Now keep in mind that I’m not a Christian, but could this possibly be what a hard core Christian feels, or for that matter, anyone in search of love? Just wondering…

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That second one reads like it would fit nicely on an Evanescence album. :HaHa:


Pretty good stuff. :goodjob::woohoo::goodjob:

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That second one reads like it would fit nicely on an Evanescence album.  :HaHa:


Pretty good stuff.  :goodjob::woohoo::goodjob:

thanks :grin:

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