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An all turkey science class


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I only have a half day of school the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. With only twenty minute classes, some might wonder if there is enough time to do anything.

Well, I make my class all about turkeys on this day. Turkey wishbones to be more precise.

First, we examine the age old tradition of breaking the wishbone to see who pulls harder. Using two Vernier force probes, we split this tradition in half. I give my students a quick handout (that I modified from Vernier’s Thanksgiving Experiments page) to get the students on their way.

For the rest of the class period, we try to perform a wishbone balancing act. See what it’s all about in the video below.

What I like about these two activities, is that there is a good chance the students will be talking about them with their family the next day. I have had several students make wishbones so they can try the wishbone balancing act out with their family.

When students take science home, everyone wins. And I’m thankful for that.

Share your Thanksgiving related activities in the comments below.

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