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A Short Version Of My Deconversion

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My steps away from Christianity weren't a very hard; complex, grueling process. Actually, I wasn't brought up in an environment that demanded I should follow a single doctrine. My birth certificate was first before my Birth chart. Yes, I was introduced to Astrology, Tarot cards, Runes, ESP, the afterlife and ghosts and spirits. I've grown more skeptic over the years, but some beliefs still linger, but otherwise ESP is complete bullshit.


Even though my grandma had been Baptist Christian, she never forced it down my throat. I took it in and felt comfortable with the feel-good Psalms I was taught at the time. I never had to attend Sunday school, and barely went to Church on Sundays. My grandma claimed to be psychic and followed Silver Ravenwolf’s books on Wicca. I had always been interested in Wicca, but not from a bullshitter's point of view.



You can call me an Atheist with broken beliefs, or just a Pagan would do. The only way I could keep myself from returning to Christianity was Philosophy. Even when I was only 6 and 7, I had an inquisitive mind; smart and quick. I caught on to the bullshit in the Bible early, easily by reading most of the Children's Bible. Marilyn Manson was my first steps away; fake Christian missionary letters were the second, and the third being the Internet showed me to the most appealing points of view that finally assured me there was no God, Devil, Heaven, or Hell.



I'm still learning, still gathering, still listening. I'm still a big fan of Philosophy, but I am also for Science, Health, English, and any kind of History. No wonder I see Christianity as a joke. Those 4 categories are the hints to explain why the Bible is just a propagandic tool...every single version of them.

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Welcome to the forums, Deadego7.


That's a fascinating childhood you had.


Glad you recognized the propaganda for what it was and allowed the world of philosophy to challenge your thinking.


I think you'll enjoy the company here, and we'll enjoy having you around!

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Welcome, Deadego7!

You did have an interesting upbringing, didn't you? But good for you to think for yourself! Somthing that I wish I had done earlier in life! BTW, I was born and raised in Missouri, Independence, to be exact, land of Harry Truman and the cult I was brought up in! Glad to have you here!

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