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Telling The Parents

Guest *JP*

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I havnt been on this site for months and months, yet it was the thing that got me through most of last year! This site gave me so much support and non judgmental advice when I needed it the most so thankyou everybody for that. The reason I havnt been on the site for so long is I have become a lot more comfortable with my lack of faith, and I have now also told my parents about my deconversion which was the biggest step for me, and the reason I needed support the most.


It was actually on christmas day, and my mum could tell that there was something wrong. I was fed up of all the bible talk and she just knew there was something that i wasnt telling her. She pulled me over and asked me what was going on. The conversation was incredibly teary and exhausting but i managed to tell her everything. She was very upset and in floods of tears but she assured me that she loved me no matter what. It was a reaction that I hadnt even considered. She agreed that she would tell my dad for me, as i was completely exhausted. He came to me the next day and had the exact same response (with less tears and more 'im deeply troubled' lines)


The freedom after it was all out in the open was immense. I felt completely free and liberated!!! Now i know everyones families are different and only you can know how they will react to the news, but I wanted to post this story just to let people know that my rents reacted in completely the opposite way to how i had ever imagined. The ability to be free and not have to live a lie anymore is amazing and i just wanted to share that!



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Welcome back, Totally-Free-and-Liberated JP!


This is such good news... thanks for sharing it with all of us.

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Thanks for sharing that with us! Be encouraged, those of us who came to our senses later in life are secretly envious! And very happy for you. How wonderful that your parents took it so well. We're glad you're here! :D

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Nice story. Glad you were finally able to set yourself free......


This is not a negative statement against your folks, but I just find it so sad and delusional with all Christians who really believe the fairytale, that the main reason they get so upset with the deconversion of a loved one, "In their Mind" we now can't spend eternity with them... Think about how silly that is.


I've tried having serious discussions in my own extended family with this issue...It's really a dead end street. It merits about 10 seconds of time.... One side believes it, one side don't...End of story.. Once a believer becomes a dis-believer, there's NO turning back.


Many in my family get upset with me because I am an in your face heathen blasphomer iconoclast.. I hold nothing back. I ridicule all faiths at all times. I write songs about it and perform them live never worrying about offending someone's fairytale. My wife gets upset because we know how evil the faithful can be and at times can do harm to others. She thinks someone will come after me.... I don't worry about it.


You can't worry about your folks feelings. As long as you are at peace with your beliefs, you have nothing fear. It's their loss and a big waste of their lives that they won't get back.

I've spent so many years reading and studying about every different religion, beliefs and ideas and even the lessen known unoffensive beliefs


I find it funny and sad at the same time that the big 3 mono-theistic religions, being christianity, judiasm and islam are the 3 most demented faiths on the planet earth. It is SO EVIDENT and obvious to the common man with any sense that these 3 are as delusional and man made as they come.. If someone of these 3 faiths doesn't see this, then in my opinion, they want to hold on to the faith. Even though they might be older than any one of us their brain just hasn't evolved enough. Although every day, people of faith wake up and see the real light and realise the lies and bullshit of a life wasted on nonsense.


With the advent of the internet and the human race maturing to this point and time and with the recent study that came out this week that 15% of Americans are non-believers, I think it's a wonderful direction we are heading.

There will be repercusions because the faithful really believe that the end times are even closer and they will be more vocal as we become more vocal.


I will also go out of on a limb based on what I see and hear every day.....The number of non-believers is even higher... Too many are still in the closet so to speak...


Peace to you


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Guest jdaniel0910

Hey JP,


I just came out to my family as well, with a written Confession. I've seen them in person since then.


Like you, I was pretty surprised at their response. They are die-hard soldiers of the Christian Right. I thought I would be stoned to death.


Their responses were basically, that they loved me no matter what, and that they were not concerned because God would come for me in his own way.


My dad prayed over me, specifically that anything, even a major tragedy, would happen to me, in order to reveal God to me before it was too late. That was ackward. He prayed, "God, I made a deal with you that none of my boys would go to hell...."


In any case, I'm glad to hear that your family responded like they did. I mostly doubt that there is any heart or compassion in the Christian Right, but sometimes they surprise me.


My initials are JP too :)

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