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Rough Vampire Idea Story Sketch

Tabula Rasa

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Steve woke up aching, his back stiff from sleeping on a park bench. The old man had been on a binge, and steve'd barely missed being smacked by his drunk of a dad's belt. The first thing he noticed was it was still dark out, a second later, he noticed that he was looking up at a grinning face that belonged to a very lovely woman. His head was resting in her lap...


He bolted upright and was at the opposite end of the bench spouting out apologies. His former pillow was clad in a green knit sweater and blue jeans, and had a bemused look on her face, her gaze wandering over him , looking at him as if he was something good to eat. Her hair was long and blonde and draped lazily over her shoulders.Her eyes were a pale green, yet seemed as if possesed of a strange light. Her nose was aquiline, and her lips were full and red, all of which which were surrounded by an oval face.


She giggled slightly and said"Why now I feel insulted. I let you rest your head in my lap, instead of on this hard bench. There are some men who can only dream of the honor I bestowed on you." "Steve stammered yet another apology(a habit that he was too good at) I-I meant no offense! You just startled me! I didn't want want to sleep out here, lots of muggers and weirdos out here, but I figured It'd be less risky than at home. My old man drinks and he was on a hell of a bender tonight."


He felt embarassed telling his home troubles to a stranger and had turned and was looking down, studying the sidewalk intently.


"You poor thing" she whispered in his ear, arms wrapped around his shoulders, her chin resting on his right shoulder. "When the hell did she get up?" he thought. " I didn't hear her footsteps." He started turning a crimson shade of red, but in all honesty he didn't mind the fact that a lovely strange woman was hugging him from behind. What seemed strange however, was even though her embrace was very gentle, it also gave him the impression of being incredibly strong.

He'd gotten beaten up once by a couple of members of the high school football team for talking to one of their girlfriends. Murray who was so muscular he looked like a bag of pineapples had held his arms while Cody, the star quarter back had leisurely blacked both of his eyes, broke his nose and generally made Steve's face an abstract painting of black and blue, with some wicked gut punches thrown in for bad measure.

The strange woman's embrace was rather tender(She'd started circling his stomach lazily with a finger) but yet, some vague feeling deep inside made him think that the arms that held him possesed strength that would make Murray's grip seem like a child's in comparison.


"Got a girlfriend?" she whispered . "Umm no." "Wonderful" she answered," Be at this address at eight pm tommorrow night. Don't be late, or I'll come get you." She slipped an address card in the back of his pants, and

said" Look forward to it, I know I am." "W-wait" Steve protested "I don't even know your name! "All in good time" she answered, "for all a good time" He felt the gentle strong embrace fall away from him, and turned around to protest further, but his mysterious aquaintance was gone.


"Geez" he sighed. "That was weird." He looked at his watch and saw that it was about four am. The old man had probably passed out by now, so Steve decided to head home, already preparing to stealthily enter the house, lest he awake the vicious asshole of a drunk who called himself his dad.


He started home, unaware that he was being watched from the shadows. Watched by pale green eyes...





What do you guys think?

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Like it so far, Tabula, keep up the good work. Bring in that old school gothic style :)

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Oh Tab...this is the start of a great story. Sorry I didn't see it in here or I would of read and commented on it sooner. I like your writing style too dude. Its all good. Would be interested in hearing the rest of the story. :P

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