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James P. Hughes, Justice Charles Evans Hughes, Justice William J. Brenna


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"The right to comment freely and criticize the action, opinions, and

judgment of courts is of primary importance to the public generally.

Not only is it good for the public; but it has a salutary effect

on courts and judges as well."

-- James P. Hughes

U. S. Supreme Court Justice

Source: 1935




"The Constitution is what the judges say it is."

-- Justice Charles Evans Hughes

(1862-1948) Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court




"The Framers of the Bill of Rights did not purport to "create" rights.

Rather they designed the Bill of Rights to prohibit our Government

from infringing rights and liberties presumed to be preexisting."

-- Justice William J. Brennan

(1906-1997) U. S. Supreme Court Justice

Source: 1982


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