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Patients’ Choice Act — A Better Prescription


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Put in Rants...


There are quite a few folks in Goobermint that object to socialized medical rationing. There are other voices and opinions that would wean Goobermint out of the medical fields, leaving choices to patient/physician relationships.


It is only your money and body folks..





Patients’ Choice Act — A better prescription

Acton Institute

by Donald P. Condit


“In late May, Senators Tom Coburn and Richard Burr, and Representatives Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes, all Republicans, offered a new prescription for health care reform that is a vast improvement over what we’ve seen previously from Washington. The ‘Patients’ Choice Act’ (PCA), as its sponsors refer to the proposal, honestly confronts the unsustainable and unjust realities of our current medical system. Despite good intentions, many reform proposals increase the role of government, place additional burdens on business, and interfere with medical decision making between the patient and doctor.” (06/03/09)



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Guest QuidEstCaritas?

I'm all for states having the right to grant basic healthcare if that's what that individual state wants to do. It's just that I have this little problem with something similar being attempted from the Federal level in a top down manner; it will end in massive corruption and wastefulness of money with the result being that we all end up with really really shitty healthcare everywhere. I think such a thing combined with plenty of avenues for private options-whose options would inevitably wind up providing a fairly superior alternative-could definitely be done at the State level and done by competent individuals working in State and local governments, but the Federal level is going to wind up being something fucking awful.


One more step in the direction towards a new totalitarianism. I guess I look on the bright side, at least Obama changed direction from Bush's form of it; that means there's a transition period where Teh People can still stop this shit even as we are now heading SouthEast instead of SouthWest....

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That was one poorly written article... all that could've been said in about three sentences.


It's a good idea, and a SMALL step in the right direction. Direct competition between health plans (rather than indirect competition via the HR guy at each company) could put a little more price pressure on insurers. But this doesn't even BEGIN to address the main reasons that health care is so expensive.


As long as I have to pay $90 for an office visit just to get a prescription, so I can go pay $100 for some latest/greatest Z-pack antibiotics to cure a sinus infection (when the same could be accomplished in Mexico with $20 worth of penicillin and a little bit of WebMD research), health care will ALWAYS be prohibitively expensive. But our health care system is BUILT on profit-protecting regulations, and I don't expect to ever see this change.


So in effect, the 'solution' suggested in the article will do little more than maintain the status quo. Not that Obama's plan will do ANYTHING to reduce costs- they'll just be shuffled around.

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