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Retreat Into Apathy


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Here is the conundrum I find about "The People". Far too many folks have lost, or never had "fire" enough to give a shit about what happens around them. 'Politics' and 'Policies' escape them as they find things 'far too complicated'.

Those 'stirring up apathy' have done their chores very well.


Chains, resting lightly..


Not here.





Retreat into apathy

National Review

by Mark Steyn


"Willie Whitelaw, a genial old buffer who served as Margaret

Thatcher's deputy for many years, once accused the Labour party of

going around Britain stirring up apathy. Viscount Whitelaw's apparent

paradox is, in fact, a shrewd political insight, and all the sharper

for being accidental. Big government depends, in large part, on going

around the country stirring up apathy -- creating the sense that

problems are so big, so complex, so intractable that even attempting

to think about them for yourself gives you such a splitting headache

it's easier to shrug and accept as given the proposition that only

government can deal with them." (06/13/09)



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Don't buy what the government is selling

Freedom Politics

by Tom Lucente


"For some reason, most Americans are simply confused when it comes to

government. I suspect that most people, at some time in their lives,

have railed against the government for one reason or another. We have

grown accustomed to government scandal, year after year. For example,

the list of current or former federal representatives recently or

currently under investigation by law enforcement or congressional

ethics committees is long indeed." (06/12/09)



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