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Walter Lippmann, Wendell L. Wilkie, William Howard Taft


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"..the Bill of Rights does not come from the people

and is not subject to change by majorities.

It comes from the nature of things.

It declares the inalienable rights of man

not only against all government

but also against the people collectively."

-- Walter Lippmann

(1889-1974) American writer, journalist, and political commentator




"The constitution does not provide for first and second class citizens."

-- Wendell L. Wilkie


Source: An American Program, 1944




"Next to the right of liberty, the right of property is the most

important individual right guaranteed by the Constitution and

the one which, united with that of personal liberty, has contributed

more to the growth of civilization than any other institution

established by the human race."

-- William Howard Taft

(1857-1930) 27th US President


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