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Black's Law Dictionary, Harry Browne, Henry David Thoreau


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“A national government is a government of the people of a single state or nation, united as a community by what is termed the “social compact,’ and possessing complete and perfect supremacy over persons and things, so far as they can be made the lawful objects of civil government. A federal government is distinguished from a national government by its being the government of a community of independent and sovereign states, united by compact."

-- Black's Law Dictionary

Source: Piqua Branch Bank v. Knoup, 6 Ohio St. 393. [black's Law Dictionary, Revised Fourth Edition, 1968, p. 1176]




"...The Bill of Rights is a literal and absolute document.

The First Amendment doesn't say you have a right to speak out unless

the government has a 'compelling interest' in censoring the Internet.

The Second Amendment doesn't say you have the right to

keep and bear arms until some madman plants a bomb.

The Fourth Amendment doesn't say you have the right to be secure from

search and seizure unless some FBI agent thinks you fit the profile

of a terrorist. The government has no right to interfere with any

of these freedoms under any circumstances."

-- Harry Browne

(1933-2006) American libertarian writer, politician, and free-market investment analyst. Libertarian candidate for US President 1996 & 2000





"That government is best which governs least."

-- Henry David Thoreau


Source: Civil Disobedience (1849)


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