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Thoughts On Religion


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Most religions have no deities or god.

Cept for their preacher, who they think holds the truth rod.


There is no better proponent of division.

Than the mechanisim called religion.


No battier or fruiter level of stupidity.

Can be found than that which is occupied by Christianity.


Hypocrites, there are none more regal than those who think themselves great.

Who, in the name of their myths and legends, the common man they hate.


Who else can villianize sex and love and true, no strings attached freedom,

Than those who think you will be burned forever in hell for not joining them.


Religion complaines about every single, miniscule thing down to its most microscopic facet,

Yet they want theirs free from critque and controversy, yet the latter it is marred up in it.


They laugh at the superstitiouos, mumbo-jumbo all across the world,

But somehow ignore all their ridiculous, hoop-la, gag worthy hurl.


They claim to be champions of man, with the Bible as their sword and script,

Yet in it is that curse of Ham, and they'll throw it at you to prove no lady should get behind the pulpit.


Peace resides with us, they always say, be one of us and all will be well,

But who is it exactly that is scared shitless of their self made scare tactic of hell?


We are the one true religion, we hear them spout endlessly,

Guess how many other religions lay claim to the same, count them to infinity.


They chant their god is the god of peace and love, it's beat into them each and every sunday morning,

Yet how many billions are in your gracious god's hell, roasting and forever burning?


Who says humanity caused all its problems and calamities, answer is christianity, oh the irony.

But who made who and what with a flaw, answer is god with all his atrocities, whom Hitler can only envy.


Religion is one of the few things that can turn otherwise intelligent people into raging morons,

Charging head first into science and logic defying maneure with a massive hard on.


What is the pure, unadulterated, damning, malignant civillization stopping bane of humanity?

Superstition believed and actually taken to heart... religion. Oh the pity...

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That poem is a great summation,

But you'll burn in Hell for the abomination.

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Gawd may actually cut me some slack if he reads it and likes it. :grin: Whats that quote from 'The Last Temptation of Christ'? Something about god not being able to pass up/resist a good song. Maybe i should put it to music to save my ass.

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