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Whittaker Chambers, Paulo Coelho, Thomas Henry Huxley


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"The rub is that the pursuit of happiness, as an end in itself, tends

automatically, and widely, to be replaced by the pursuit of pleasure with

a consequent general softening of the fibers of will, intelligence, spirit."

-- Whittaker Chambers

[Jay Vivian Chambers] (aka David Whittaker) (1901-1961) American writer, editor. A Communist party member and Soviet spy, he later renounced communism and became an outspoken opponent.




"Absolute freedom does not exist;

what does exist is the freedom

to choose anything you like and

then commit yourself to that decision. "

-- Paulo Coelho

(1947-) Brazilian lyricist and novelist




"...a man's worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes."

-- Thomas Henry Huxley



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