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Trivial Pursuit In Washington


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Trivial pursuit in Washington


by Steve Chapman


"The Clinton administration was famous for obsessing about tiny,

innocuous issues, like promoting school uniforms and opposing TV

violence. But the era of trivial government came to an end on Sept.

11, 2001, when Americans got a reminder that their government has some

truly vital duties and that it might be worthwhile to concentrate on

them. As far as I know, al-Qaida has yet to surrender, and a few other

formidable problems have presented themselves since then. But having

failed to solve the big, critical problems, our leaders are once again

inclined to focus on inconsequential ones that happen to be none of

their business." (07/13/09)



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lol "Al-Qaeda" fails to surrender. Terrorist groups don't "surrender" because they aren't soldiers. This guy is a fucking idiot. Did "Aum Shinrikyo" give a formal notice of "surrender" to the Japanese government? This dipshit is totally fucking brainwashed.


Hmm, maybe the Indian government should go after LeT until it "surrenders".


When the fuck are people going to get that terrorism is properly fought with internationally cooperative CT Police units and intelligence agencies, in conjunction with deprogramming, and NOT the military? LOL. That RAND study that proves my point has been out for awhile now.


You don't take out a mosquito with a sledgehammer. While you are hitting the mosquito with the sledgehammer you end up killing Iraqis/Afghanis and creating a resistance that wasn't even there in the first place. How many people will go join the Taliban or join arms with guys like Muqtada Al-Sadr when their brothers and sisters who also fight for those groups get killed? Quite a few.

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