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Came Out On My Blog.


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Today I posted about my beliefs on my blog. I hope it doesn't make my loved one's lives harder. It shouldn't, but there is always the slightest chance. This was most of the post:


-I don't believe the Bible is the word of god™.


This is because none of the clear contradictions, moral atrocities, etc. have been explained to me adequately. I don't believe they can be explained in a positive way. They are evidence of a human book, not a divine book.


-I don't believe the Christian/Jewish god exists.


This is because the only reason for believing in the Judeo-Christian god is the Bible. Otherwise you have absolutely NO foundation for all the characteristics ascribed to this god. I also have a problem with a god who creates evil, (Isaiah 45:7, no retreating to the Hebrew wont save you either, the word means evil) and then wont fix it without screwing over his creation for 6,000 years.


-I don't believe in any god, deistic or theistic, at the present.


I don't see any good reason for it or evidence toward it. A lack of scientific explanation for something is not evidence. I'm open to people presenting evidence.


-I don't believe in the supernatural at the present.


This is something I will look into throughout my life. I find more and more that "supernatural" occurrences have perfectly naturalistic explanations. Again, open to dispute.


Oh, and,


-I believe in acting in an ethical manner, just like 98% of atheists and agnostics.


I see no reason not to act in a way that benefits others the most. Morality and ethics will be something I look into as I learn, but agnostic/atheist =/= immoral. My morality is presently relativistic and founded on benefiting others and me. Before you jump to Ray Comfort sized conclusions about atheists and agnostics, go watch some videos on YouTube or read blogs, or even buy a book about how morality and ethics work without religion.


As to evolution, abiogenesis, and the big bang, (Those are three VERY different things.) I am unsure. The large majority of the scientific community accepts evolution, and I am presently learning more about actual evolution, in contrast with what Ken Ham and Kent Hovind present as evolution. I am surprised at how much it is misrepresented by creationists. As for how life began and how the universe began, I'm unsure if we will ever know scientifically. Scientists can hypothesize how it happened and come up with a million different ways it could have, but which one actually happened they may never know. Evolution only deals with how life became so diverse after it already happened to be here.


The beliefs I hold are simply because they are what I see as holding up to critical thinking an skepticism. If they are found to be indefensible I will move on to different ones. My beliefs are not rigid anymore, but flexible and ever being shaped. Even so, I have a feeling a lot of the things I hold to now will not change much with more knowledge.

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I like how you presented what and why you do/don't believe certain things. Very clear and concise not leaving a lot of room for arguement (always a good thing).

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I too, let family know in writing. I think the way you did it was very good. It's probably easier and a lot less "intruding" than slapping 'em with it at the annual Christmas dinner! Plus, if you're anything like me, it's easy to get tongue-tied and not accurately explain what you believe and why...and no one can interrupt you when you write it out!

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