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Murray N. Rothbard, Auberon Herbert, Big Brother


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"The great non sequitur committed by defenders of the State,

including classical Aristotelian and Thomist philosophers,

is to leap from the necessity of society to the necessity of the State."

-- Murray N. Rothbard

(1926-1995) Dean of the Austrian School of Economics




"Socialism is but Catholicism addressing itself

not to the soul but to the sense of men...

[both implore you to] accept authority,

accept the force which it employs,

resign yourself to all-powerful managers,

give up the free choice and the free act...

They both seek to sacrifice man."

-- Auberon Herbert

(1838-1906) English author




"Blessings of the state, blessings of the masses. ...

Work hard, increase production, prevent accidents, and be happy."

-- Big Brother

Source: George Lucas's movie, THX 1138


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