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Dark Angel

Guest Antichrist4life

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Guest Antichrist4life

See my dark angel,

See her soaring in the night?

Even through the day,

She still soars through the night.


Why so melancholy, dear angel?

Feel that all you do is glide?

Sweep down for me, dark angel,

Won’t you take me for a ride?


What do you search for, my angel,

A demon to fructify your role?

What will it take to slake you?

Is there a limit to your soul?


Why do you look away, dark angel?

Why so sullen, so morose?

My heart distends like yours, dark angel,

For it’s with you that it’s engrossed.


Hail down on me, sweet angel,

How I long for your embrace,

Grant me this much, dear angel,

As I take in and kiss your face.


Who do you swoop down on now, dark angel,

Another demon to cause you grief?

Such a veneer of charm is gravity,

Which pulls you in without relief.


Saddened once again, dark angel?

Another supposed personage, O, so puerile…

But why be so dejected, sweet angel?

By yet another demon, O, so vile?


Can I eat your pain, dear angel?

Can you rain it down on me?

I’ll always do my most, my angel,

Our hearts a synergy.


Don’t feel this way, dark angel,

To let your heart grow cold with stings!

Keep soaring on, my angel,

And let no demon break your wings.


I look on in awe, dear angel,

As I see you streaming 'cross the sky.

I look on with roses knotted,

For in my heart you’ll never die.

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