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Alan Barth, Albert Jay Nock, Thomas Jefferson


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"The notion that the church, the press, and the universities

should serve the state is essentially a Communist notion.

In a free society these institutions must be wholly free -- which is

to say that their function is to serve as checks upon the state."

-- Alan Barth

(1906-1979) served on the editorial board of The Washington Post for thirty years

Source: The Loyalty of Free Men, 1951




"It is interesting to observe that in the year 1935 the averageindividual's incurious attitude towards the phenomenon of the State isprecisely what his attitude was toward the phenomenon of the Church inthe year, say, 1500. ... it does not appear to have occurred to theChurch-citizen of that day, any more than it occurs to theState-citizen of the present, to ask what sort of institution it wasthat claimed his allegiance."

-- Albert Jay Nock


Source: Our Enemy, the State, c. 1935 (Delavan: Hallberg, 1983), p. 34




"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed

of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics

or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself.

Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent.

If I could not go to Heaven but with a party, I would not go there

at all."

-- Thomas Jefferson

(1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President


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