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Plot-Summary (from the site)




A suburban community and a state of mind, The Master Plan exploresChristian youth culture in America. Inspired by the neo-icons andmodern myths of youth group pop-culture, we find KRISTI, a high-schoolSenior with seemingly supernatural powers, mystical dreams, and anaffinity for existential detective films.


Kristi’s social circles extend beyond churchactivities, so her fundamentalist parents demand that she ‘witness’ herevangelical faith to her non-religious peers. At first, she backs out,deciding instead to try to convert her estranged Grandfather, ascientist. Failing miserably, she seeks the advice of youth counselorAPRIL.

Newly motivated, she unloads April’s more calculatedplan on her teen friends, and they all abandon her. Kristi’sGrandfather immediately dies under odd circumstances which are hiddenfrom her by her parents, and in a bizarre state of grief, Kristibecomes possessed by the doomed detectives she so admires, beginning aQuixote-like quest to find her Grandfather’s killer.

After violently confronting April in a youth groupsession, Kristi’s parents intervene and cut her off from the outsideworld. Kristi has a religious epiphany, and sneaks out of the house totell her best friend, DEVAN. On the way, Kristi finds Devan injured ina car accident. Kristi magically revives her, then wakes-up fromanother strange dream.

CAMERON, her friend and love interest, encourages herto escape from home again. They meet in a nearby tract house underconstruction, and Kristi has another epiphany, real or imagined, abouther place in this surreal suburban world.

Looks like the same ol'shit with a minor twist... <sigh> can't these bozos come up with something unique...

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