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Goodbye Jesus

No Answer On The Validty Of Other Religions


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I have yet to tell my Mother that I'm Agnostic, but despite that I often engage in talks with her about theology under the guise of a Christian trying to figure out Gods word. I must admit it get's a bit annoying at times when I have to stop to say "Oh, and of course I believe in Jesus, but...." but oh well, I guess that's just how it's going to go. She's probably already a bit worried that her 'Good Christian Son' is starting to 'question the Bible'.


I recently got into a debate with her about other religions. My Mother insists that during some very bad times in her life, she felt God physically. She even told me once that she had been all alone at a closed wing of a Hospital at night when she heard someone talk to her, and then leave. She could probably go on for hours about all the spiritual things she has felt, first hand.


So I asked her: Do you believe the 'experiences' of other Religions are fake? Or not as in depth, not as 'True'.

Her: "Well, I'm not in any place to say."


It went on for a bit like that and she kept dodging the question.


My point is. If she can't deny the validity of their experiences, doesn't that cause Christianities entire premise to collapse? If hers is the only true 'God' and there are no others, if a God even exists, then how do these people feel the 'presence' of a God just as strongly as her?


Another question I have is the experiences argument. She has some fairly clear cut, physical stories she often uses as her 'evidence' for God. To be fair, she was not all the 'stable' during those times, they were horrible for her, but I don't really want to go and call her a Liar or tell her she was just insane. Cause she does believe it. Plus, many people of religion often do talk about clear cut experiences. How do you respond when they say this? You can't really debunk it considering it's their experience and no matter how much rational evidence you give them, they feel as though they did witness it. What would you say?


I think I should just give up trying to push her and just revert to my 'Good little Christian boy' routine. I'm getting tired of doing battle over theology.

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Hate to say it, but you might be better off letting your mom find comfort in this stuff.



But your point is interesting, and one that I've sort of used lately when dealing with religious relatives or friends. I remind them that their "experiences" are personal; that I respect it and all, but they can't expect me to believe in what they do, or make some "leap of faith" based solely on someone else's personal revelations, or inner feelings.


It's probably alright to tell your mother that you just haven't made your mind up at this point in your life about your religious beliefs, so you are sort of taking a default agnostic position. If you're not really closing the door on what she would like you to believe, then that usually keeps them hoping and you can just kind of go from there.

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^^^ I agree. If your mom is comfortable and happy, let her be. I've gotten into it a couple of times with my mother and I've found it best just to let it alone. So long as I don't feel that it's hurting someone, I would rather them be happy.


The truth and finding out things through critical thought really don't matter to some people. I don't care for religion at all, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who are actually better off for it. Freddy

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Back when I was agnostic and came out to my mum about it (she asked), she asked me what made me so all knowing; I should have turned it around and asked her what makes her so all knowing to know that Christianity is the one true religion while the others and their miracles are just delusions.


As for your mother talking about being all alone in a wing of a hospital, how does she know that? You are only in one spot at any given time, so someone could have entered that wing without her knowing. There is also the question of was their an air vent nearby?

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