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After reading Tab's thread it occurred to me that Ex-Christian, the site, is missing an opportunity.


I realize the site is full of assorted resources on various subjects. It seems to me, however, that it would be a good idea to have an edited down cliff-note type resource that outlines the basic problem with xian belief.


I thought perhaps we could brainstorm some ideas here and then we could as a group or as volunteers take our thoughts and put them into a concise, easy-to-read outline that we could point others to on occasions where it is apt.


Off the top of my head, there are 5 basic problems with xian belief.


1. Is there a god in the first place?


2. If there is a god, is he a good god?


3. Does the plan of salvation make sense?


4. Do xians believe the bible?


5. Is the bible error free?


This is just a starting point. Perhaps one or more categories can be combined or perhaps we need more categories or even different ones.


So first off, is anyone interested in contributing to such a project? If so, let's brainstorm here.


We can then see where this is going. Hopefully a few of you will be willing to step up and emerge as guiding forces, if you will, to help analyze and then eventually to consolidate everyone's contributions so that in the end we have an easily digestible, quick guide that outlines the basic problems with faith/belief.


If you are a taker, then take away and add your thoughts. Or just add your thoughts anyway. There are no wrong answers at this point.






Ps, I realize that trying to organize free thinkers is like trying to herd cats, but hopefully we can all reach some sort of consensus after things all get hashed out for a while.


my biggest problem with the christian belief is the lack of understanding by it's followers that all of it was inspired by older and other beliefs. that as the NT was written it was edited to serve whatever scribe(s) agenda both personally and politically. errors and contradiction abound in it. the earliest written gospel , Mark , has no resurrection scene. matthew clearly states a few times Jesus only came for the Jews. He as other Jews thought gentiles as dogs. It was pauline christianity that changed what Jesus said. which makes me question those who desperately try to justify this ..........was Jesus wrong at first ? didn't know God's will ?


Is God good ?? well according to the bible he creates both 'good and evil' . I find it hard to believe a biblical ( or any other similar text ) God as good. If such a being that is supposedly perfect can express fragile human emotions based on fear and insecurity such as anger and jealousy , that isn't much of a God and far from perfect.

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How about an Ex-Christian Declaration of Independence similar to the Declaration of the thirteen colonies to the King of England in 1776?

How many ideas would be the same? I'm thinking a lot of them would be (we're still brainstorming on this, right?).

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