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Dear Ronan Aradia


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Dear Ronan Aradia,


In a few weeks we will finally get to meet face to face, though I am now quite well acquainted with your kicks and pokes and prods. I read that you are familiar with the sound of my voice and my smell, but the world outside is quite different.


We are quite lucky to live in a time and place where it is very unlikely that you will die from sickness or starvation or cold. We even live in a place where its unlikely to suffer at the hands of natural disaster, away from volcanoes, fault lines, and fierce oceans. Even war is unlikely to be experienced on our lands. Yet in this place we live there is still much pain and unhappiness. A lot of ugly things, and a lot of people making the ugly worse.


Some people will tell you that you are sinful. They are wrong. Both of my daughters are perfect. They are whole and they are beauty and delight. Some people will say that your soul is at stake. But your soul, whatever it may be, is intact and you are the master of it. Some people will say that you, and the world, needs to be saved. But only we can save the world, as individuals and as part of the whole of human kind.


Some people will tell you that the world will soon come to an end. It is unfortunate, but the world comes to an end all the time. You will likely not hear much about the earthquake in Haiti when you are older, but right now, for them, the world has ended. But don't worry. Even endings pass eventually and new things begin again. People want the world to stay the same but it does not. It changes, and not always nicely. Only human beings can help each other make new beginnings when everything has ended. People who set their desires on the end of the world are the same who offer no hope and no help when it does.


Right now, I want to tell you about nice things in the world.

Human imagination has given us amazing, beautiful things. Art, literature, music, dance. These things are from the deepest parts of us, they show that even our deep sorrows can be beautiful.

The world itself is so full of amazing things, I am glad to be a part of it. We are the universe becoming aware of itself. Even in the face of ignorance, I know knowledge will persevere. Even in the face of grave injustices, we will keep working towards equality. The world is not perfect; there is no perfect world. But it is beautiful nonetheless.


Welcome to the world little one. You are but a drop in the ocean in humanity, a short lived species on a tiny planet in the corner of the universe. But you are the only one, the only time the molecules of your body will configure in this way and develop the consciousness that dwells within you. I am certainly overwhelmed with joy that I get to be a part of your life. I love you baby girl. And love is enough alone to make me excited to share the world with you.



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