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I Think I'm Permanently Screwed Up.

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Hi Sentinel,


I am a 60yr old woman, ex-christian, an atheist and freethinker. Have been for 10 years now.


I would not be fretting about it if I were you.

I met my husband to be at the age of 17, we had 'pre-marital sex' for 3 years, got married. Over my lifetime I've had premarital sex, marital sex, extramarital sex, since my divorce I've had lots of one night stands, casual sex, short term and long term relationships (with and without sex).

Please bear in mind as you look at that list that I am 60 years of age.

I love sex and intimacy, and I love a close and bonding relationship.

However, none of it is worth it if you are with the wrong man or the wrong woman. One night stands and casual sex most definitely have their place in my opinion, absolutely. Friends are very important in this life, acquiring and building friendships is the most important thing, other than the friendship and relationship one has with oneself. In the process of building those friendships, if intimacy occurs, all well and good, whether it be with a male or a female, you may not even be sure as yet of your sexual orientation, that's just a thought.

If not, the friendship is more important.

Understanding evolution by natural selection, and by sexual selection, can also help to enlighten you about our species, and what drives us. Education in my opinion is vital to all and will help to not only enlighten, but liberate and free the human animal from all those things that beset us.


Don't fret Sentinel, concentrate on friendships with both of the sexes.

hear hear

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Hullo Sentinel, (and all you other fine ladies too)

Christianity (and all patriarchal religion) can and will screw up your sexual identity.

So too will the hollywood driven culture of consumption.


Suggest that you seek out freinds of the gender you find most appealing... and go places.

Not dating you understand, but just going places together. Doing things together.


Take a break from the pressure to have sex.


Eventualy you will find yourself just instinctively cuddling somebody who cuddles back... And then everything will fall into place.

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1. Do not be fat. I'm not saying you need to be a stick, just try to keep your BMI below 26 or so. The majority of men do not believe in BBW.


Wow man, I see what you did there. You're so wise. :Sheep:



As for my reply to sentinel, for starters talking about it is a good thing, the psychological dismay with the idea of sex might require a counselor, I'm not saying it will but it couldn't hurt to try. As for guys liking you, they will, there is always somebody out there that will like you, it might just take some practice talking to guys and making more male friends. You have the ability to be a go geter, you have the ability to have charisma and charm, and even sexy if you wanted to. It will just take some time, don't beat yourself up. ^_^

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Double Morals - they joyful side of the church , isnt that nice?


Anyway , my point of view in this is that obviously sex is not an game , no matter what church tells you , is sad people still thinks like monkeys all around , this is just my point of view but really , theres a lot of things to entretain yourself and dont lower your body into an baby making machine .... love is much more than that.


Plus the church is way too big and all the cool girls and guys are into it want it or not - sad world eh? - But i do believe your body is an temple is not about god or jesus or whatever , is about you knowing was the best for you and your body and the future of any kid you could end up having.

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