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Dealing With "spiritual" And "not Religion's God"


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Hi all,


Once again my female maternal unit is on my nerves. Yesterday I made the error of casually mentioning to her that for my cultural geography research paper my topic of atheism in the US military had gotten approved. She immediately asked me why I was "obsessed" with atheism (this is apparently her definition for anything I disagree with her on and hold a constant opinion). I managed to get off the subject succesfully but earlier tonight she just had to get on the subject again.


Long story short, she was raised largely non-practicing muslim, converted to catholicism to please the fundie mother in law, turned to the spirituality route a few years down the road.

She doesn't like organized religion or the monotheistic definition of "god", but takes the "spirituality" route and the "god = creation force we don't understand." (Then why the fuck call it a god?!) She makes attempts at injecting metaphysical concepts which make her sound like a moron (she seems to think watching a Stephen Hawking hour long special makes you a physicist).

Her main questions include "How do you think creation started?" "Well something must have caused the elements to form!"


Of course she gets her feathers ruffled and defensive when I ask her what sources she uses for her information, but she has no problem dismissing mine.


She actually criticizes atheism for being full of arguments against religion more than a god. And she is fucking clueless as to why this bs of hers irritates me.


Sometimes I think it would be easier if she were a typical xtian.

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