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Video--What Great Philanthropy Can Do

R. S. Martin

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Maybe this has already been posted, or maybe it's not all that important, but here it is all the same. LINK.


Someone gave $101 million to the Institute of Quantum Mechanics at the University of Waterloo. The president of the university talks with the director of IQM about what this means on the level of the university, of the country, and for society as a whole.


What I like about the interview is that the director explains in simple language how abstract scientific discoveries of past decades have proven to be applicable to everyday practical use such as MRIs and lasers. He says for this reason we don't know what all quantum mechanics can be used for once it is understood and harnessed.


Thus, I am thinking that what at the moment looks like "way out in left field" and so far removed from real life as to be a waste of good money, may simply be the way forward for the next generation. In fact, he said something to that effect.


The video is 7-8 minutes.

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