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Croatia: Miracle Of Love For Injured Stork


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Croatia: Miracle of love for injured stork

Ananova [uK]


"Vets who saved a female stork, shot by hunters in Croatia, thought

her days were numbered -- but reckoned without the devotion of her

mate. The vets knew the female, which they called Malena, would never

fly again but put her back on her nest thinking she would not survive

the winter. When her partner, named Rodan, flew south with their young

they expected that she would eventually die and certainly never mate

again. But their predictions were proved wrong after the Vokic family

where she had a nest helped to feed her through the long winter months

and she survived. And -- even more amazingly -- Rodan has returned

every year to mate with his partner and rear another clutch of chicks.

Every year Rodan flies 13,000 kilometres to South Africa to spend

winter in the warm and then the same distance back again to be back

with his injured love." (03/25/10)



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I saw that on the news. Pretty amazing.

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