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Lost but not gone forever

a midnight star

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Ok my small attempt:


When I saw her again I was filled with hate.

I thought that I was over it, that I had closed that gate.

I faced my demon eye to eye

And my feelings of hate started to die.


I showed myself to be stronger than I knew

Weird to find out that even I didn’t have a clue.

That girl that I thought was lost forever

Was only hidden, deep just waiting until I pulled the lever


The wall came down with a great crash

I no longer was looking for me to make the big dash

I saw things with different eyes

Ones that could see not only the lies

But also the love that was always there

A family that I always thought didn’t care.


I am at peace with myself and my past

I feel free from hate at long last.

It is time to rediscover that long lost girl

And time to enter the social whirl.


So boring as this may be to read

I had to write down this new creed

To myself I will always be true

I am not tied to what others may do

Me and only me can find my path

And I need to make more time to laugh

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