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Sacrificial Love


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I was once in love with this girl, but she wasn’t a Christian, but she could have been. Yet, despite some very encouraging conversations, she couldn’t be convinced to become a Christian. I started thinking about love, and how much I loved her, and how far I would be willing to go to express that love for her. This got me thinking about Christ’s love and how far he went to express his love for us. I began to ask myself, “Would I be willing to sacrifice my place in heaven for her? Would I be willing to give up my place in heaven, take her place in hell so she could take my place in heaven?”


But then I thought, hang on, I’m a Christian. I’m a disciple of Jesus. And Jesus commanded me to love my enemies just as well as any friend. “If you love those that love you, then what credit is that to you, Even ‘ sinners’ love those who love them…But love your enemies , do good to them…Then your reward will be great…” (Luke 7.27-36)


So then, as an obedient Christian, I tested myself:


Imagine the most wicked, evil, God hating, evolution believing, homosexual, Satan worshipping, adulterous, left wing liberal, child sacrificing, wicca practising, heretic, apostate, materialist, abortionist, abolitionist, hedonist, sinner possible. Then once I have an image of that person in mind, I ask the question: “Following Christ’s command and example, would I be willing to sacrifice my place in heaven for that person? Would I be willing to give up my place in heaven, take that person’s place in hell so they could take my place in heaven?”


“Why/Why not? Jesus did for you…”


It was at this point I realised I wouldn’t be a Christian much longer. Not judgemental enough. Too much compassion. Too Christ-like for this religion.


Didn’t get far with the girl either.

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Very good point Narc.


I never thought of it as Christian, but I have reflected on it afterwards, and realized that most, if not all, Christians would not give up their place in heaven for anyone else. And I came to the conclusion that they are driven by egoistic desires just as much as anyone else. They want to go to heaven and avoid hell, solely for their own sake and benefit. They have to place their own ego above God to do this, and in effect make themselves gods with their own will. They're not praising and worshipping a God greater than themselves, they are worshipping a God that have been selected by the higher power: their Ego.

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