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Sister Skye


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Sister Skye


Coyote visited my hospital bed,

Quite unexpectedly.

I didn’t think he would show

He hates the medicine smell

the white walls that are not sand

the artificial breeze.


He sits on the foot of the bed

tail thumping impatiently.

When the wide mouth opens

I hear his voice inside my head

ask a question—I won’t

answer it today.

Maybe I won’t answer at all


The beads around my wrist

click blue and green,

wampum prayers wrapped around

sun-browned skin.

When Coyote speaks it is in laughter

mirth spits from him like fire,

sparkling and hot and smelling of

stolen meat, of desert nights

a thousand shadows deep.


Flames lick the corners of my mind

The coolness of rivers can’t find me.

Why did you wander?

What were you trying to find?


I let Coyote embrace me,

Feel his shadows slip over both of us

and we are gone from my hospital bed

back to dust stone sun

back to the heat that not even

my blue beads can cool…


Raven searched for you.

Why did you run?


Bring me water from the rock

And I will tell you everything.

Ridiculous, you say?

Very well.


You don’t need to know then.

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Wonderful poem. Have you thought about getting this published?

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