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Attended a meeting of the Christian Legal


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A classmate asked me to go with him and they were serving pizza, so I thought- why not?


After a devotional reading a guy spoke about some kind of mission work or something. I was looking at a paper that had been passed out called:

The World's Greatest Thinkers Were Christians!"


link: http://www.forerunner.com/forerunner/X0557...atest_thin.html


Anyway, it was really cheesy with the speaker's gelled hair, white teeth, and breathy speaking pattern. Then there had to be a sing along to impress upon those in the hall that we were really doing something special. Yes, the leader actually said that the sing along was for the benefit of those not in the room, not to praise Jeesus or anything like that.


Remember, folks, you cannot succeed without Christ. :thanks:

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