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Forensic Science Not Prayer


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I have been watching allot of forensic science shows on my satellite. The one I am watching now is about a father(Vincent Brothers) who killed his wife, three children, and mother. He did this after church. He had an alibi: phone records, credit card receipts, and a rental car saying he was three thousand miles away in Ohio. Turns out that his brother used his credit cards to try and give him a alibi.


So, how did they catch him? A little tiny bug in the radiator of the car he rented. You see, it is impossible for this type of bug to live in Ohio. Anyway, they gave the bastard the death penalty.


It was science that caught this brutal killer, science, not religion. This is like the fifth show in one week ware the murdered is a faithful Christian. Isn't that ironic? Anyway, I was also thinking, why don't they just hire some faithful Christian detective and have them use prayer only to catch someone like Vincent Brothers? Of course that would be ludicrous, because there is no sky god.


I know the fundies will say, God brings these people to justice by using science. This is utter hog-wash. Why do these people accept science only at there discretion. Yet when science proves there stupid fairy sky god not to be real, they wine like little bitches.




Any thoughts?

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