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The Novelty Has Worn Off


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Something I wrote while sitting in a church a couple nights ago. Somewhere between poem and prose. And no, I'm not a communist, just pointing out hypocrisy.


The novelty has worn off.

How strange, archaic minds trapped in an archaic time,

Staunch individuals of a collectivist faith.


Do they even know they're roots?

"The love of money is the root of all evil,"

but they are faithful capitalists to the end.


Their Jesus told them to give all they had to the poor,

to visit the fatherless and tend to the widows,

Yet they they disdain wealth redistribution,

It's unAmerican, evil.


Which one are you?

Christian or American?


You work for nothing but Earthly goods and grow rich,

Yet you claim to believe your rewards are in heaven.

Do you read your Bible at all?


You're nothing like this Jesus you claim to follow.

That you claim died to save me.



I don't need a savior. What would he save me from?

Did he come to save me from the tyrant of State?

Did he come to save me from Corporate greed?

Did he come to bring justice, equality, love, and community?


No. He came to condemn me.

He came to save me from my "sin".

What "sin"? What is "sin"?

Everything you don't like?

Everything Paul didn't like?

Every thing a stodgy old Hebrew didn't like?


I have morals without you,

I have happiness without you,

I have community without you,

Love without you,

Why do I need Christianity?

It seems it needs me.

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I really like this.....

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