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Love Of The Waves


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So, this is an impromptu poem I've written. Its expressing the struggle of embracing a new point of view. Leaving faith behind in favor of reason, but finding that the debate itself is more satisfying than the conclusion. Like it's more stimulating to question than to decide.


Waves that fight to slide down the shore

A lone man caught in the high tide and undertow

Sloshing, treading, finding no footing

Nothing but water. No firmness, no rock.


A mind like weary arms, arriving at nothing

Hope just ahead, but never any closer.

Happiness now, before and after

Nothing but water. Salt with no sweet hereafter.


Rush of current now and then

A small little push

But the retreating flow

Pulls the push back to naught.


My mind is set, my heart is fixed

Weary, dreary, wasted time

The end, or the middle, no way to be sure

I only want my moment of sublime


Voices deep with dissent, disinterest and doubt

Dashing hope with dream on the rocks of confidence.

Swirled, tossed and tumbled, I land on my back.

Wet sand sinks beneath me, sucking pulling me down.


I've arrived all at once to the place that I sought

My time, all my effort was not in vain wrought

But the air here is cold, and alone and its dark.

So back to the water, in search of the shore.

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Like it. Several lines resonated with me and made me smile.

Thanks for sharing it.



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