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Weird conversation on Lent with employee


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I'm not sure how we even got on the subject of Lent, since its so far away, but we did.

Something about giving up stuff.


Anyway, there were several opinions, most agreed that the Catholic view was to give up one thing that meant alot to you during this time. I believe Lutherans also do this.


One of my employees said "no, you just eat half what you usually would."

We then went on to talk about origins of Lent..her answer to that was just as off the wall as the above one.


"You fast for 40 days before Easter because Jesus fasted for 40 days before Easter while satan tempted him, then he rode into Jerusalem triumphant and was crucified." :twitch:


Three years condensed into 40 days.. :lmao:


It started to get heated when I contradicted her..and she snapped back with "I'm right, I know this because I've been Catholic all my life!"


Ok, sweetie..whatever you think..

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