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How Religious Vs Non-religious Parents Differ


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I am not a parent but I have seen lots of young children do the following: "Mommy/Daddy, why does X happen?" or "Why is there X?" The parent answers to the best of their ability, but then the child asks "Why?" again. This one syable word can be repeated ad nauseum and evoke thousands of words in response. Eventually, you reach a point where the answer is unknown. This is the point where Religious vs Non-Religious Parents differ.


Religious: "Why?" "Because GOD says so!"

Non-religious: "Why?" "I don't know dear, maybe when you grow up you can find out why!"

The non-religious parent is willing to admit weakness and fallibility to their child and help them grow, while the religious parent clings to control whenever possible.

Most Religion creates a intellectual dead end that stifles creativity and curiosity in children and creates the ignorant and angry adults we see fighting science in schools today.

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