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A Strawman Conversation


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This was something I wrote awhile ago. It is one side of a conversation with a "christian" straw man.




The beginning is the end.

The end is the beginning.


The river Styx calls to us before we begin

Thus we never remember our ends


The in between time is forgotten.


Is this not insanity?


For to forget all that you have learned only to begin anew


A new what you say?


A new life, a new body, a new personality.


Oh you think there is only one go-round


That would be truly cruel


What could one learn from one life in one body as one sex.


Oh yes you change sex too.


But where was I


Oh yes the nature of insanity.


We keep repeating and keep forgetting and then we repeat again.


But the Styx is a drug


Over time you become numb to it. You would need more of it to forget. But you only get the one dose.


In time you remember you past, you glimpse the vectors.


You see the planes of life, the weaving threads, the twisting of cable. All these allusions to simply say;


You are not alone


So in the end we are not insane. We can’t help but to learn. Even the most stubborn or slow or just plain stupid will get it; In the end.


Yes I speak of rebirth but not like you

Think about what you believe.


You think there is a T ledger. With good on one side and bad on the other. You think an entity sits there and counts up ticks and then decides if you get in to heaven


What a depressing concept.


Yes depressing. One life to get it right or oops you burn for eternity.. or YAY you get in to heaven of course the burning for eternity is a bit silly. Cause to burn you have to have something to burn, and since the body is gone well you get the point.


And what is heaven


Really, you are in god’s presence.


Have you ever felt god’s presence.


You have; good then there is hope for you yet


What you felt was not outside of you, it was you


You are GOD.


The physical you that I am speaking to now is only a part of you

Your “soul” is the part you see as god.

If you let yourself, you will love yourself. Your soul will pour out joy on you like nothing else you have felt.


You can’t wait for the end times. To be Raptured.



That is the biggest lie ever. Nowhere in the bible does it say the believers will be taken up.


Life will go on. This planet is not slated for destruction yet. WE (indicating everyone) have not agreed to let it happen.


There is no heaven and there is no hell save that which you create for yourself.


Time there is fluid.


Only there will be no demon to torture you unless you need it.


You will create Karma and you will burn it. You will try and fail and try and succeed. Sometimes in the failing you will create more. Sometimes you will even create it with yourself.


Truly you can be your own worst enemy.


You can believe what you will. Although by saying what you did you are impling you will be in hell to.


Unless you are going to watch me burn, but to do that then you become a demon. Which is what you are right now.


You spill nothing but hate in your rhetoric. You spread lies to millions. You want an apocalyptic end.


Which means that the end will reveal. Through the destruction you will bring there will be a reveling to the world and all what was kept hidden.


Leave me now


I tire of my ears full of mosquito’s wings.

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