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Angular Momentum


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The above comic inspired this.








Angular Momentum

By Christian Falde



I don’t remember when it was I first spun. Daddy tells me it was soon after I walked. He called me “Spinning Baby”.


I do remember the first time I spun with her. I was seven and the magic bunny had come. We hunted the eggs he left and chased each other. As we ran she stopped and said, “Let’s spin”. We spun till we could stand. The world seemed to spin after we fell and I knew time a stopped for the briefest of moments.


Years spun by and life moved on.


Though it seemed sophomoric, we would spin we could. After school and before rehearsal we’d spin. When she got the part, we’d spin. When I made state we’d spin. It always seemed the day lasted a bit longer when we’d spin. For the briefest of moments, the wind stopped, the sun paused, and the world seemed to relish the pure joy.


Years spun by and life moved on.


The room was bright and machines were arranged in modular fashion. The blue sheet blocked my view. You were covered in sweat, but happy. A flurry of motion at the corner of my eye, and a woman in blue carried a red mess to a table. I went over and it screamed. The world spun, and then went dark.


“Well this isn’t right, “ I thought and forced myself up.


My son red and screaming to the world, I’m here. I grabbed his tiny hands a feet and held them close to his body. He looked at me and grinned.


Years spun by and life moved on.


My father died. I spun with the kids before he did. I tried to make time stop. It didn’t work. His time was done. He looked at me before he left and smiled “Spinning Baby” he said.


Years spun by and life moved on.


Now the kids look like us dear when he had them. The grandkids love to spin. I hold your leathery hand once more and ask the kids to help me spin. We move the bed with wheels out onto the lawn where so many spins had happened before. I can’t spin any more. It hurts too much. So, I climb on the bed and say to the kids, “Help me spin”.


We spun.


And the world stopped.


Everything blurred.


You smiled and closed you eyes.


The sun paused.


The wind stopped.


Your chest fell.


The spin stopped.


“I’d spin a thousand times more, for the briefest of moments with you.”



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