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Pay for Katrina?


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Cut War on Drugs to Pay for Katrina Relief

Drug Policy Alliance



"Congress is debating how to pay for hurricane relief efforts. Cutting

funding for the failed war on drugs is on the table. Contact your

members of Congress and tell them to cut wasteful drug war spending."




Lets see, the war on Certain Chemicals and Freedoms costing zillions of uncountable dinero annually, or stop the bullshit and redirect tehmoney back to more useful (and yet still unConstitutional) things?


Wow, what a fracking choice..



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Cut War on Drugs to Pay for Katrina Relief




Maybe Hurricane Wilma will help them make up their minds.

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It's my understanding that when Prohibition ended in 1933, those employed to enforce this stupidity were of course out of work. Now one couldn't have Government Agents out of work, could one, even if it was the middle of the Great Depression? Little things like that have never bothered Governments; it's easy to spend the taxpayers' money to combat threats that aren't even there. (Law and order and all that, don't you know?) Only let the people be convinced there is a threat, and they'll pay up.


Thus what became the DEA, and later "the war on drugs". However the United States, as does every other nation, faces the very real threat of natural disaster at any time. Yet promising to have better organisations in place to deal with such things doesn't win votes whereas "Law and order and getting tough on crime" gets the suckers every time.


It's not just a question of diverting money from the war on drugs to pay for reconstruction after one disaster. Why not put the money to use to set up a proper system of civil defense in case of disaster, and revamping FEMA to co-ordinate local and State efforts in case of disaster? Surely it would cost less to recruit, equip and train State Emergency Services than to keep fighting a losing battle against drugs? However, logic has never been a strong suit with Governments, has it?


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