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Robert Corn-revere, Ruth Gavison, Sir Winston Churchill


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"Censorship is contagious, and experience with this culture of regulation

teaches us that regulatory enthusiasts herald each new medium of communications

as another opportunity to spread the disease."

-- Robert Corn-Revere

Source: Rationales and Rationalizations: Regulating the Electronic Media, 1997


"Describing an action or an event as the “consequence” of speech presupposes

that there is some causal connection between them. A central issue in any

debate about the limits of free speech is the nature and the imminence of the

causal connection between speech and its alleged consequences…. In actual

social situations it is impossible to isolate factors and determine their

contribution to effects. Such control is extremely complicated even in a

scientific laboratory."

-- Ruth Gavison

Source: "Incitement and the Limits of the Law," in Censorship and Silencing (Robert C. Post, ed) 1998


"Everybody is in favor of free speech.

Hardly a day passes without its being extolled,

but some people's idea of it is that

they are free to say what they like,

but if anyone says anything back,

that is an outrage."

-- Sir Winston Churchill

(1874-1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Source: Speech, House of Commons, 1943


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