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The Human Heart


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Apparently people on FacePage are a little confused by the function of the human heart, and xians seem especially vulnerable.

I'm going to quote some examples then give a realists' view (mine, in case you're wondering.)


1- Follow your heart.


Ouch! No, we are an integrated package, and in reality don't work well apart.


2- Listen to your heart


I did. It said, and I quote, "thub-dub, thub-dub." Doc says that is close enough to right, who am I to argue.


3. The heart wants what the heart wants.


Ok. mine wants oxygen and glucose, and tends to get quite pissy if I don't supply both.


4. You have to believe with your (all your) heart.


This is a christian fav, and the one I least understand. My heart believes in the first three principles stated above, and very little else. I really don't think it has an opinion on an invisible sky-daddy or his half-breed son.


Next in this series: Bible verses that aren't good conversation starters (for example Ephesians - Chapter 5:22-24,33)

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