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Imagine you're in the forest, giant redwood trees all around you, a very serene scene which captivates your senses and stills your consciousness. Yet, something tugs at your mind, it subtle, but you feel it inching up your body starting from the base of your spine, much akin to the pace of the earthworm you see on the ground beneath you. You realize that amongst all the wonder, there is something missing, and what is missing is that you are alone and are unable to share these moments with another. At this point, the air isn't fresh anymore, the trees don't appease your senses, colors even seem dull. You feel as cold and listless as the rock you're sitting atop.

Five fingers embrace the base of your neck and slide down your back gently, receding the horrible feelings that were encroaching your entire being. You close your eyes and slowly turn around, opening them only to be met with a warm smile and big beautiful eyes looking directly at you, for a few moments you are in disbelief, within the next moment as the wind starts to pick up, this other embraces you with an enveloping hug, arms wrapped around you, rotating slightly to whisper in your ear, "you are not alone, you are my friend".

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