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The American Dream Is Really..satan!

foolish girl

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A facebook comment on the minister of music's blog:


Satan is alive and well and "right smack in the middle of the American dream". God's way seems "Radical", it is however the way we must follow to be a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Preach On Brother, In Jesus










I CANNOT remember being like that. Was I like that?! I don't think I was...even when I was "on fire" for jesus (shudder).........I always felt uncomfortable by this kind of "Satan made me have a bad day " kind of talk.



it is creepy to me.





Thought I would share- and it was too long for a status update ;)


Here is a link to his blogpage:

A sniveling rant about how people could do something OTHER than worship our creator on a Sunday. DER!

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Ask him if this means he's going to give away everything he owns and forsake his family to have richer rewards in heaven as Jesus promised.


You know, unless he's blowing smoke out of his ass.

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The American Dream - from Wiki

The ethos today simply indicates the ability, through participation in the society and economy, for everyone to achieve prosperity. According to the dream, this includes the opportunity for one's children to grow up and receive a
and career without artificial barriers. It is the opportunity to make individual choices without the prior restrictions that limit people according to their class, caste, religion, race, or ethnicity. Immigrants to the United States sponsored ethnic newspapers in their own language; the editors typically promoted the American Dream.

Well judging by the parameters mentioned here, it sure sounds like that has gone long time ago. With the fucktards trying to rewrite history and the founding fathers shit, it sounds more like the American wet dream or nightmare.


Reading between the lines, most westernized have these exact same ideals. The ideal being that you want to leave your offspring with just a little better than what you had.


I really do not think the USA has any claim to fame in this regard unless you compare yourselves to really poor or oppressed cultures.


From the wiki article, the idea of continually moving west was no more noble than colonialism we had here in Africa, so the dream of the new world was merely creating the illusion of a better life to get plebs/feet on the ground to rape and pillage for the aristocracy back in Europe.


Like your civil war, we had the anglo boer war which booted the brits off and ended up with the apartheid regime leading to a mere changing of the guard in fucking with the locals. Independence in 1994 really did not bring any new changes except killing the racial tensions and some token hand out to the less privileged who were black. Prior to independence we adopted the reservation approach with the "natives" confining them by curfew to slums and homelands similar to the USA reservations.


In the new society, there are a marginal few black cats that now enjoy what we white folk enjoyed exclusively. Unlike the USA, we do not have excellent fire and medical services like your side does as there just is no budget for it unless you stay in one of the big cities,


So what I am saying, I have witnessed and participated in the dream and now living the nightmare after effects that the USA is now only entering into.


When the pie eaters expand w/o expanding the pie, the dream becomes marginal and nothing more than wishful thinking. Of course, American Dream 1.0 was the precursor to the second coming where jeebus would fix up all the fuck ups. Hell I even heard preachers encouraging making debt on homes and cars as these "assets" would be left behind with the rapture, very sound financial advice eh?


With the huge financial debt the USA has, I cannot believe that anyone can believe in the dream anymore than santa claus. The economy is geared up to take you captive through student loans just out of school till the day you die. I owe no one anything and my credit card is in your currency about $1000 in the red. My house and two cars are paid for and being off the grid as far as debt is considered, I cannot even raise a loan for ZAR1000 even though my assets are worth over ZAR1M.


Once you leave the system, it is hard to get back in. Some dream huh?

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