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James Bilbray, Mona Charen, Will Rogers


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"Our U.S. government each year spends roughly 30 percent more money than it

takes in. It took 39 Presidents and 200 years to accumulate a debt of $1

trillion dollars. But it has taken only the past 12 years for that debt to

triple to more than $5.9 trillion. Interest payments on the deficit alone add

up to more than what our government pays for unemployment compensation,

veteran's benefits, postal operations, housing, education, and highways

combined. Saddled with this tremendous burden, it is impossible for our

businesses to invest, harder for families to afford homes and medical care, and

difficult for the United States to play its role in matters of national and

international economic security."

-- James Bilbray

US Congressman (D-NV)


"[T]he sprawl of government into every conceivable realm of life has caused the

withering of traditional institutions. Fathers become unnecessary if the

government provides Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Church charities

lose their mission when the government provides food, shelter and income to the

poor. And the non-poor no longer feel pressed to provide aid to those in need,

be they aged parents or their unfortunate neighbors—“compassion” having become

the province of the state."

-- Mona Charen

American columnist, political analyst, author

Source: Conservative Chronicle, September 20, 1995


"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today."

-- Will Rogers

(1879-1935) American humorist


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