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" Both Sides Of The Issue"

R. S. Martin

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So this is how the Christians can read atheist books and still remain Christians. Is anyone reading a book that argues against your position?


From Post 26:


Ive read plenty thru college to today. The arguments nor big questions have not changed, In my opinion.

I have to say WLC's Kalam argument and his study of the evidences of Christ is a hard position to beat.




I love google books as you can search many books for just the concept you are looking for.




There is no way some of my lazy professors could have gotten away with the statements they made back then If I was in college today.


Lazy professors??? Who's lazy here--the guy who picks and chooses concepts from Einstein and Dawkins that suit his own delusions or the profs who read entire volumes and spend their entire lifetimes studying their topics?


Of course I'm talking about mainly liberal arts stuff or evolutionists,psychology etc.

Hardcore science like physics biochemistry, histology,neuroanatomy etc would have been validated by the internet and journals.

HUH??? Evolution isn't hard science? And he thinks science is validated by the internet? This guy's really confused. No wonder if he thinks William Lane Craig and his "evidences for Christ" is a "hard position to beat."


Amassing the wisdom of Solomon though as he noted so much despite junk literature as far as we know.


A long list of verses from Ecclesiastes followed, which I won't copy here. Apparently he thinks they are fuller of knowledge and wisdom than anything one can learn from the scientists. So much for reading "both sides of the issue."

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I click the link, it was depressing



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