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Is The Holy Fire In Jerusalem A Miracle?


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Do you know? I challenged a Christian to show me an example of a true miracle today... He said - the Holy Fire of Jerusalem.


Do you think this is a miracle? Is there a scientific explaination of it?

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Yeah... the "holy fire" in Jerusalem is authentic.


So are the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, the miracle

healings at the "revival" in Florida, and the Easter Bunny.


The great thing about all this supernatural garbage is that

there's always a concentrated group of "true believers" of one

stripe or another who just HAPPEN to be around when the magic

goes down.


Oddly, there NEVER seem to be any OPPONENTS of any of these groups

who miraculously get convinced and converted by the arrival of these

"miracles". It always just seems to be a classic case of group-think,

the power of suggestion, unimpeachable gullibility and, of course, the

desire to fit in to one's peer group and see what the exalted leaders SAY

you're supposed to be seeing.


Holy Fire... yeah. I ate something wicked earlier, and it's causing a

mighty, rushing wind to blow through my room... once, a little while ago,

I actually made a strange noise, like tongues, and then called out "Jesus Christ!".


Maybe that was evidence of a miracle, too.

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